Organic Avola Almond

Pizzuta and  Fascionello

Pizzuta almond, so called because of the seed that ends at the “pizzu” point from which the term pizzuta is born, is known all over the world for its aromatic taste, for the elegance of the seeds and for the high nutrients they contain. Cultivated in a completely natural way, it is mainly used in pastry making for marzipan, martorana fruit, nougat, cubbaita, cassata, almond biscuits, almond milk, almond granita and almond pudding; and lends itself well to confetti packaging. Although elegant like Pizzuta, the Fascionello variety is also used for the same delicate fragrance in the confectionery and pastry industry.


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Organic Fascionello Almond without shell € 17,00 / kg

Organic Pizzuta Almond without shell € 20,00 / kg