Guided Tour

At our farm, you can book a tour to experience and discover the South-Eastern part of Sicily.

A journey of atmosphere among flavours, colours and lights of the Val di Noto. Following the rhythms of the cities, tasting the typical local products, you will become the protagonist “getting your hands dirty” of our refined cultural tradition.

With a specialized and authorized guide it is possible to visit the Baroque cities of the Val di Noto: Noto, Syracuse, Scicli, Modica and Ragusa Ibla, Palazzolo Acreide, Ispica, cities built as true Baroque acropolis with new art aimed at surprising and amaze the traveler. During the guided tours to the historical centers where the city is the theatre there will be the opportunity to taste our products at our farm.

Val di Noto is a perfect place for those who love history and art … Europe has written its most beautiful pages here, in front of the African sea .. An island where everything is magic .. a magic to discover and taste ..”



1st Itinerary

After breakfast visit to Buccheri and Buscemi, small mountain towns of the Iblei mountain. Among the alleys of medieval taste we will discover rhythms, flavors, colors and lights of a civilization now at sunset and we will be conquered in Buscemi by the charm of a museum of popular arts and traditions created by the passion of its inhabitants. In the afternoon on the farm tasting of local products.

2nd Itinerary

In the morning visit to Ragusa Ibla which climbs the narrow hairpin bends of a plateau of rare beauty. In the afternoon visit of Modica, a city boldly built on the steep walls of a quarry of extraordinary beauty and spectacular grandeur; at the end of the visit, tasting of typical sweets.


3rd Itinerary

In the morning the suggestion of a small mountain centre of millennial history: Palazzolo Acreide with its baroque aspect and the archaeological charm of ancient Akrai. Next to the best known Palazzolo, there is what is called the “invisible city”: the Palazzolo of the ancient popular neighborhoods “Invisible” because it is known almost only to those who still live there following the customs, rites and rhythms of eras that have now passed. In the afternoon  on the farm tasting of local products.


4th Itinerary

In the morning visit to Noto: an ideal city built by architects who are fanatic of the new art who built splendid churches and buildings in the soft “honey” limestone. Lunch with tasting of products on the farm. In the afternoon walk to Vendicari.


5th Itinerary

In the morning the magnificence of Syracuse. We will discover the past of the city by reading its monuments “melting pot of architecture” between classical art and baroque style. In the afternoon on the farm tasting of local products.


    You can book or request a quote for our itineraries in the Val di Noto by sending a request for information from our e-mail form.