Biological Lemon

“Femminello Siracusano”

It is the most representative in Sicily and one of the most fine varieties in Italy for its organoleptic properties. It produces three blooms: primofiore, bianchetto and verdello. Of color ranging from green to intense yellow, of medium size, it produces 30% more juice than other lemons.

It is the citrus fruit that has the highest content of vitamin C and citric acid, essential for our body. Appreciated for its beneficial qualities (antioxidant and anti-inflammatory), it is sought after by the cosmetics houses and is used in the kitchen to season salads and roasted fish.

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5kg  € 15,00 – 10 kg € 25,00 – 20 kg € 40,00 – 25 kg € 47,00 – 30 kg € 50,00